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Hack Clock

A hackable alarm clock, built for experimentation and learning

Building the Enclosure

The enclosure that is meant to keep and protect your clock can be anything. You can build it from a cardboard box, a bunch of plastic building bricks, an old wallet box - whatever you like! Just make sure you have enough room for your Raspberry Pi, the LED display and a few wires.

One easy, protective measure to avoid shorting out your Raspberry Pi is to cover the bottom section of the board with masking tape. This helps to avoid accidentally touching the metal pins underneath the board with other metal pieces, which may damage your Raspberry Pi.

Once your enclosure is done, start up your Hack Clock and make sure everything is working!

A Megablox Enclosure

Congratulations - you've constructed a Hack Clock! Now you can continue to the programming lessons, or you can setup wireless networking.